Back to HM

Home School, such a happy thought.

We are back!

I can't still jump on happiness so much, because I'm a little nervous, but actually, deep inside, I can tell you, I know it's right, it's the right thing for us.

So I pulled my kid from school... for the third time.

Yes, this is the third time we do to all of this, just that this time it was not the wrong school, in the way that this one didn't really made my kid feel bad, but still, it just wasn't what we wanted for him as a family, plus is very expensive. Even so, I was willing to take a full job to keep him there, he said he just didn't want to leave it. And then, when I finally inform him about my job interview he told me: ¨But mama, I will see even less of you then, I rather to be homeschool if it comes to see you less¨. And that was it. I have always believe in listening to my kid wishes, interests, and feelings.

So today we started.

One thing I was worry that schooling was stealing from us is the simple house chores. I try not to let myself say that my kid or my partner are "helping me" on this area, I try to promote the concept of participation, even when I do most of it, is not my responsibility, it's all of us, and, in a way, is a joy for all, because is our home we are taking care of, it's for ourselves.

But the rush of the school schedule would not let us time to learn slowly, to enjoy the meals, to have the patience to wait for my kid to chop the apples and count the pieces to make sure everyone gets the same amount.

My son talked to me yesterday about the importance of having a nice home, clean and organized, as a classroom.

And we did that all morning, and then he had a friend that came to the house to play, he had a great time, and the very end of the day the vibe was so different, because there was no rush, there was only calm, love, it was new, and I felt so good.

I'm so happy!

(I even wrote him a little love letter for when he wakes up).

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