A History Time Line

We are starting our third week of homeschooling and I fell I that we are not doing enough while at same time I'm amazed about what we actually do, specially the great conversations we have and the feeling of that I'm almost obsolete to my kid's learning process, since he is such an avid reader and beats me at learning by getting information by himself while I'm busy preparing a class.

But it's all okay, I understood we just need more books, and about I can't complain because I do love books.

I spend a few nights making this time line of Human History. I finally got it ready and it is on our wall now. Also I made it into a PDF file if anyone is interested, right now only in Spanish, but I will make it in English too. I think it's great to have it like this, so we can get an idea of what happened when.

One thing I love very much about homeschooling is the much I get to learn.

What about you?, what's your favorite part?

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