Vasconcelos Library :: Castles

We have one of the biggest Libraries in Mexico City very close from home, so close that we can go walking, only 1.3 miles.

It is a great place. Is not very well designed because books are hard to find and it's impossible to know if the are on the west or east wing, but it has beautiful gardens and lots of children's books.

There is also Braille room, music room with piano, guitars and violins available, and movie room.

We go there almost every week.

I particularly love the lavender paths, and today we watched rosemary blooming, that are a rare thing to see, at least here.

Since we don't have wood near this makes a good substitution for nature time.

Last week we got this beautiful book about Castles. It shows one in different times of History as they were in Spain and in each page you supposed to look for the couple in love.

I recommend it.

This would be the American version, same author.

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