On the third day of homeschooling

I'm sorry if homeschooling is all I talk about in these days, we are so excited, I'll try to mix it with recipes and knitting on the other things I usually talk about. Thanks for visit me.

We started on Monday with the cleaning and then on Tuesday I gave him some exercises from text books and then we planned our schedule, my kid wanted to include things from his own school schedule, and so we planned that, I also wanted to include at least 45 minutes sessions of outside time for some kind of nature contact and body exercise. We both wanted to include History, which is not part of the Mexican plan of study for second grade. We got the free school government books which other than the History issue are great resources and you download online free here, I think they would be great for learning Spanish.

And then I woke up a little late and we made breakfast, and as we were having it, he reed the bag of the dry fuits and nut mix and asked what lipids meant. I was not sure, but thought that maybe in the How the body works book we could find an answer. This took us to atoms, molecules and other things, he even asked me if gods could have sex, as in to have kids, and we talked about the Egypt gods and the Greek.

And everything rolled so naturaly, that you can imagine what happened with the schedule plans.

It was beautiful and I'm so happy and excited to work on the next study unit for tomorrow and also to reinforce the atomic lesson.

It's just so beautiful to see him florish.

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Tina at September said...

Love how the days evolve when you homeschool and you follow the child, so to speak. Well done Mama! You mentioned knitting and I found myself perusing your projects on ravelry- love!!! Thanks for sharing!