My cake business

I haven't share here that I have a cake business, I started it out of desperation for trying to get some money for food a month or so after I got fired from my Internet job.

I went well, I sold them at in and out of the school of my boy, now I'm trying to place them in coffee shops or something.

It's called Cakes on Wheels, and I carved my logo to print the paper bags. We use the city public bikes.

I started with a win-win, brownie, and went adding new flavors.

First orange with yougurt, then caramel with nuts, also one of amaranth flour with blue berries, banana, integral with sunflower seeds and rice flour with coconut oil.

I would carry them around in little basket. And with time I started to make chocolates, granola and nut mixes.

I hope to find a way to continue selling them because even without paying the private school we still need the income.

I do everything in a little electrical oven and I was considering the idea of making a little e-book, they are all easy and delicious, and I have a few gluten free options, since I have celiac disease.

Any thoughts?

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