Embroided Napking and Swim caps (KCCO)

Joining Nicole today at KCCO  

We have been very busy these days, with homeschooling and all.

Weekend are our busiest days, and because of that I have found that Monday most be a rest day.

Yesterday we rest and clean up. I started this embroidery napkin, with the sole idea of having it to purchase tortillas.

Here in Mexico we have tortilla's shops everywhere,  if you bring don't bring a napkin, they will place your tortillas in paper and charge you for it, it's a minimal fee, but you may loose one or two tortillas because of that. So I always wanted to have a beautiful embroider napkin, and I have started a few over the years and then abandon them. I'm liking very much how this one is looking I hope to finish it.

I also got a swim cap order from my shop, I was sure I had the cap already made, but I didn't. so I just made it again and created a different adult pattern with a cool sharks fabric I had.

Here it is.

What about you? what are you creating?

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sustainablemum said...

Your swim caps are fantastic!

The embroidery looks beautiful :)