Yarn Along :: Theater reading

Yarn Along it's a day of the week to share what you are knitting and reading created by Ginny, you can add your post here every Wednesday or to the flickr group any day.

I don't think that I have mention, but my formal education is as an actress, I did Dramatic literature and theater career at UNAM, the best public University in Mexico. But I didn't finished, I'm missing a class and my thesis, I have made efforts for finishing before, but not very good ones, this time I do intend to first approved my class and then proceed with a project to them make a report that will be valid as thesis.

I'm still unsure about if making a radio show for kids or a some little plays for toddlers based in that book above and maybe John Jolt's books.

Also I got this nice manual to help me prepare my birth classes, not sure that I can recommend any of these, unless you are interested on the subjects.

On the knitting front I almost done with this sock, is taking me forever right? Love the yarn.

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