Butterfly wings and more sewing

 I have been working the past nights on some butterfly wings for some orders on my shop.

I haven't ever made wings on purple and I found out that I had to use a different method than in the other ones, which is longer. I also want to get a wood frame for doing them, because as I work now it means to have four of the total of 5 chairs of my house out of use.

I enjoy very much this work, and I'm planning on doing more of this and less of the work outside, I love to give classes and I really bond with my students, babies and pregnant couples, but it really isn't working for us as a family for different reasons.

One of them is that salary is very short, plus I'm asked to give free classes and this is proving to be too exhausting for my kid and me, also, I don't get to have weekend time with him, and now we have a lot of work starting third grade on homeschooling, so I had to choose.

I'm also working on some eating sets, such as the one I made years ago for my kid to take to school but with different fabrics.

When ever I can I sew something for my kid when I have been sewing a lot for work. I have ordered some pretty fabrics to make pillows for the birthday party, since we don't have enough chairs, but they didn't arrived on time, they arrived today and are beautiful, I hope to get to make the pillows soon, but tonight I made one dinosaur one for my not so little one.

What are you working now?

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