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So, my kid's birthday is this Sunday, and I'm oh so far from done with all the crafting, but I keep making progress. Of course time to read is not on the picture right now, nor knitting, but I did finish the shawl I talked about last week, just that I don't have foamy block to block it. I do love it, I hope my gran would like it, but for me I would make the large size, this one is medium.

Last night I worked on the mini bow and arrows pouches, and the swords, axes and hammers, all in felt, so kids could not hurt them selves. I made the blade on the swords one side grey and the other side blue, so they can play turning them when the orcs are near.

I also started to place things on the wall, the elvish crowns on Rivendel, the Dwarf Beards, etc. I still have to find a place to hang the floral crowns and the leaf hair pins that I think are kind of hobbit style.

And made the cardboard shields so the kid can decorate them, these are pretty easy and you can reuse any box. I add little shield photos so they can get ideas.

It's been crazy, but I'm pulling it, I'm still have to make the capes (I already made the design, but I think it needs some improve) and the messenger bags to go, did you saw the Smaug Piñata?, I love it.

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Brienne Moody said...

Wow! is this all for the birthday? How wonderful!