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So, I guess this blog isn't very popular or maybe the prize wasn't very attractive, anyway I'm here again to talk about sewing.

The other day I made a pair of sleepers for my son, it was kind of a long process because I was inspired by this pattern, but he's 3 years old, so had to work on making it for his size, first I made those ones, too short on the back, and then, I made those, which were good but the fabric wasn't pretty, and in the end I made the pretty ones, and I'm proud.
Pantuflas terminadas
Also, I'm knitting a pair of wool socks-slippers, I guess after having him ill I'm obsess whit keeping his feet warm, but also, the winter has arrive here, Mexico City gets really cold on mid November, which always make us scare about the real winter in December, because warming systems are not common in houses but we get as low as 40 F or 5 C and that's really cold for us. I not good making socks, I don't fully understand the patterns, so I invented some strange way of making them.
Pantuflas tejidas
Un lado de la cobijita
Cojunto para bebé
On Monday I give my sewing class and we got a new classmate, that was interesting. We have so much fun at classes and I have make a lot of friends, I'm going to miss all of them.
Clase de costura locura
Today we had class too, the results were a blanket and some baby clothes (lot's of baby stuff round here), and also I got some more fabric for Mei Tai, I'm so happy making them and I have a helper now, it's just great every thing goes faster and I know I'm helping a family by paying fair. Also there is a couple of girls that make my staying at home kid very happy.
Mi costurera favorita
Mei Tais terminados
Niños jugando
And, finally, I made myself a belly warmer, no, I'm not pregnant, but still I need my belly warm.

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