Recovery juice

On Sunday night I went out, my couple stays with my kid and I went to the get groceries, and enjoyed very much. I have no family in Mexico and I'm a single mom, so we don't have any contact with his father family, and he is not going to school right now, so, I don't get much solitary time, I don't think I need a lot, but a little isn't bad, singing Bob Marley while choosing fruits I found a Californian Pomegranate, larger than Mexican ones, and I tought why not? (usually I just buy local products).
Delicioso jugo rojo
I got a lot of apples to include in the recovery diet for my son and then I got the idea of making apple and pomegranate juice (jus 4 scoops of sugar, a quarter of pomegranate, 3 small apples and water in a blender) and I have to tell I'm getting adict to it, it's just great. I also save the pulp to give him as a puree with raisins.

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