My father

So last night I made for us fruit with yogurt and granola as we always have for dinner and breakfast, and as I was chopping the mango it hits me, that we were 3 for dinner, so I went to get an extra dish and made 3 dinners. It's a very new thing in my mind to understand the trhee of us as family, and I'm not very close to my father (see, that's a thing I can say easily in English, but not in Spanish, at least in my mind there would be much more guilt an then I would go in a long explanation of it), and I didn't live whith him since I was 6, and I have live by myself since I was 18 in a different country that the rest of my family, so this concept is not very well built on my mind, but then we sat for dinner and I remember SouleMama posts on dinner, and I thought we need to make this a ritual, so we can share and give a family concept to my son. Later he went on his grandfather's bedroom (were I never enter) and sit whit him on the bed to watch Russian dances on tv, and later (and also as first thing this moorning), he excercise in the abandoned machine, it's great to see my son getting close to his grandfather, so this is it, family, who would of tought?

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