My moon time

So I got my moon yesterday, it's so nice now that I'm more aware of my cycle, kind of makes me sad for the lost time (all the one that pass before I knew more about myself) but just a little bit, because the joy of being in myself is greater, to understand the slowing down and present state of mind, I think that if I would meditate this would be the ideal time.

I'm feeling more connected to my son, which is great because we went to my mother's and she likes to control, and even when she try to do it in sweet kind of way, I don't like when she pass over me or tries to make herself nicer than me to my son, it hurts our relationship (mine with my son), but when we are connected like this, it just doesn't matter.

We went to soccer practice on Saturday, it was rainy, and it was the first time for both, it was great, I never practice any sport as a kid, I was able to understand how necessary this is for any child. I enjoy it, and he even more, he got soccer shoes too. When we got back we slept together so nice, warm, cozy, why should we deny our kids co-sleeping when we both want it and enjoy it?

So we are fine, still some times worry about if unschooling is the right thing to do, but not today.

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