Unschooling and sewing

I was reading Mackville Road blog today, I watched the interview, and I could not not say something about it. I agree whit her on everything.

I think it is very important to speak about unschooling in blogs, because when we do, we are documenting this option, and I found it particulary important to do so in Spanish, since there are no to many resources for it.

So here is some math.
And here some writing practice, he found it really fun and was so pride.

As many could say the big step into doing this is to trust, your kid and yourself.
At first you get very excited about how you are going to teach your kid to love knowledge and to be an explorer.
Then you realize that he already knows that, he was born whit it, and that your work is to not destroy that.
And then you start to really enjoy it (the process and your kid).
Well, at least I am at this point, and that is how it was for me, so let's see what happens next.


Speaking of something else, I wanted to make a gift for my cousin, who is expecting, and I have tried for weeks to make a little pair of knitted booties, it didn't work, because I wasn't in the mood for knitting, so I just sew her one of my DiaperKit diapers, and then I got really happy (but my camera had no battery).

Pañal Diaper Kit

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