Elvish Crowns, more on the Hobbit party and a pattern

I have been working on ideas for the party, it's more like my head is going super fast and I have to write all down before it fades away.

The other day we went to the art supplies store, I needed some special paper for the shadow puppets I'm working on and we run into the sparking foamy,  I'm usually totally against this material because it's plastic, but then I imagine it could work for the elvish crown and I got a few sheets.

 So last night, wile my boy was having dinner I designed the pattern and cut it.

When he went to bed I got to work on them and was able to produce seven. My goal is to make 20 so there will be enough for kids and adults, we are only having about 8 kids invited, I have found that less is more and instead of asking every kid we know I try to keep to the close friends only and that gives me the chance of going crazy with the crafts and do something special for each kid, such as cloth bags instead of paper ones for the party favors.

And I thought I would share the pattern with you, it's really easy to do as soon as you get familiar with the cutter knife. You can download it here. Or if you rather get them finished I add them to my store, click here.

I used a elastic thread that barely holds them but still keeps them in place, so the foamy would not break.

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