I haven't shared our Easter, so, late but here it is.

As usual I made a map, this is more for me too, because it's usually late are night the day before that I place the eggs, meaning I'm very tired and I would forget instantly were I placed them, I don't want any of melting away lost among the house, so I made the map and give it to my kid.

I made three knitted bunnies and left the smaller one next to the map to be the guide.

I want to say that  I made all these craft things out of pleasure, I rally enjoy doing them, and I guess that's my way to add joy to my kid's childhood. I'm not so comfortable with the idea of magic, I just to see the point, I feel it like a lie, but we do enjoy playing magical pretend games and reading.

He was very happy with the bunnies that were quickly add to the bunch of sleeping companions, and insisted to share the chocolate eggs, such a kind heart this one, I love him so much.

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