Yoga on our days

A week ago I decided to include yoga as part of our day.

We still haven't manage to introduce to every day's routine, but when we do it, we enjoy it very much.

The way I do it it's just to get any routine form a magazine and follow it, I have some notions on how you should move your body from the times I was a ballerina and also from my acting training. I did had some yoga classes too in the past years.

My son found it hard to follow my instructions, but I think that we will get to it.

I got a nice app for the relaxing music and right now we have one mat.

At the end I let my son relax and I massage his feet and sprinkle some nice natural scent in the air, I think it must be his favorite part, and mine's too, because we bond, I hope to get better organized to include it on every day start.

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