About kids sleeping hours, schooling and unschooling

I always thought it was very important to respect the sleep time for babies and children, while I think it is very important establish routines, because that makes life better for parents and children, knowing what to expect. And that is why my first advice for new parents is to bathe your baby always at the same time of day (preferably at night).

Since Itzcóatl was one or two months old, I bathed him at the same time and so was made our nightly routine, dinner, bath and bed, with maybe a story or a lullaby, and this continues until today.
I always worry for him getting enough sleep. The way I know it is that I do not ever have to wake up him in the morning. If we need to wake up at 6 and I know that his daily sleep need is for about eleven hours and he  almost never naps, that means he must be on bed at 7, so I have to start the bath like 5:30 if I don't want to be stressed with dinner.
This does not mean that there are not exceptions, isn't great to have a special evening with mom playing something, doing an art project, learning
, telling stories or even watching a movie?
But these occasions are almost incompatible with schooling, who decides our times daily no matter how we feel, on the other hand my son likes to go to school and needs to be with other children. I do not think that school is the BEST place to socialize, especially the elementary with traditional system (public or private) where most of the time children must be seated and silent and have only a minimal recreation and not even in green areas. But I see no other options, my child has no siblings, perhaps if we were more,  I will unschool all together at home. In addition there aren't many groups of unschool children in my region or at least I do not know where he could meet with other children and friends to have frequent and regular activities, so give in and I'm sending him to a Montessori Kindergarten, for now.
Some days I agree when he says he does not want to go to school and I don't try to convince him. We stayed home and do a thousand things, I enjoy it deeply, do not miss the time he is away and I have the usual time to do my things, what things?, why I can't do them when he is around?, Is not it also a learning process to watch that mom really works and that he has to wait at times?, beyond being able to go to sit at a cafe and attend a yoga class once a week I do not need that.
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So that's what I think, though I'm a fan of home schooling, or rather unscholing, we will have to wait, as with co-sleeping and so many things I can not give a strong and decisive opinion because not only my way of thinking and feeling decide, but my son's, and he knows what he needs and when, he is the one who knows it best and I will listen and learn, obeying, loving forever.
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