Ice cream update

The other day I gave an Ice cream recipe in my blog (on the Spanish version but in English it's here), and it didn't turn out very well, it tasted well but didn't felt like ice cream, it seams that I dint mix the milk enough, so I tried again and took a picture of how I think it supposed to look, we will see if it turns out better.

Leche batida

On the other hand I have been reading every day the posts of the Handmade Holidays on the Sew, Mama, Sew blog, and I found this great tutorial and I decide to try it on my dad's birthday present, he is a University professor and travels a lot so I think it would be nice to have this around with his family pictures on it (I printed them at Spoonflower).

Portadocumentos de viaje
Portadocumentos de viaje
Portadocumentos de viaje

I also have been working in a book stand for the kitchen,

Librero de tela

And we made some Christmas cards for our Mexico friends.

La tarjeta suya

This is the one my son made for himself, I loved how he hug it.
How is your Christmas prep going?

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