Hand printing on fabric


I love to hand print fabric.
I have don it before for my produce bags and some La Milpa tags.

Rebozos la milpa

 This time I was printing names, for the Christmas gifts wrapping, I just don't want to use paper, because it end up in the trash, so I make fabric bags, people won't throw them away and eventually the use them for another purpose.

Regalos navideños

And while I was at it, I could not resist but to print animals too, and so I was able to complete one of the many projects I have in my mind for the Etsy store, a memory game to go, and it is already avaible at the store. Almost a yer ago I had made one for my son, but this new one it's super little, just a little bit more than 1 inch per side on the squares.

Memoria para el pillo

So, what about you, do you have other solutions on cutting the trash of gift wrapping?

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giozi said...

I like this job :D

You are so creative.

Happy Thanksgiving. This is my "This moment":