A giveaway

I have had an Etsy store since 2006, but it had to go trough many changes to finally embrace all that I wanted to share.

I like to sew, knit, crochet, paint, build, write. I made jewelry, clothes, baby carriers, bags, toys. I love natural fibers. I care very much about earth and believe we must do and not to do as much as we can for making our pass on it as lightly as possible.

So finally, with Simple Loving Family I thing I have found a concept that holds all of it together.

And to celebrate it I will be making a giveaway for one of my favorite items on the store, the Red riding hood snack bag. It's actually a small bag good for many purposes, but the first inspiration on this was how to send my son's lunch in something practical that would not be plastic. You can also get one at the store, of course, they are $3.50

For a chance to win just leave a comment before Sunday and I will announce the winner that day.


Anonymous said...

Adoro esa tela. Así que me apunto feliz a la rifa. No sé si tener el número uno sea medio extraña para ganar, pero no importa. Quiero participar.
¡Qué cosas más lindas haces, Chili! ¿Cuándo empiezas el curso?
Un abrazo,

yarim said...

Hola! Apuntadisima... Saludos

Monica said...

ahh que lindo!! que don tienes!!yo no tengo blog pero siempre me doy mi vuelta por aqui. Abrazo.

°°Nubecita°° Gansooup said...

me apunto!!! jaja leo tus blogs pero nunca comento...creo. Me encantan tus ideas...y soy fan del tejido y costura :D

Mirak said...

Ehhh quiero bolsitas I want bolsitas.
Kisses and love. K

Nadya said...

hola me apunto!!!!