And I made Chocolate...

For me the fine art of making chocolate from the beans was something selected only for the initiate, but I manage to do it ans I'm so happily surprised with myself. Everybody loved it.

I was almost sure in very step of the entire process that something will be wrong, I have never had so little faith on myself, and come with such a great result.

In the end I didn't even tasted, I just offer it, and then everybody start to said mmm and get happy, you know the magic endorphins of chocolate made the trick., but it tasted really good.
I found the beans in Heredia's market, they were a 6 dollars for 2 pounds,

I toasted one of them, this part is very important, if you over toasted the flavor will be bitter, but if you don't toast it enough to it will make you sick (just a little stomachache, but still not good)

Then you have to peel it, my hand got a little hurt on the process.

Then I ground it on a coffee grinder adding almost the same quantity of sugar and a little of cinnamon, it wasn't the best option but what I had on hand.

After that I warm it on a pan and add a little bit of water to make the bars.

Granos de cacao tostados

Tablillas de chocolate

Then, you put water in a pot (traditional Mexican cocoa is on water not in milk, and it tastes really good).

The bread was not soft, but they liked any way, here is my little one helping.

La rosca
La rosca

As I was making it, I imagined my beautiful Mexico City, the big lines out of the bakery shops on the cold afternoon, I wish I could see that. I always bought mine at Comercial Mexicana, not because it was the best one, but I love the little figures that they place on it, ceramic and not plastic, and I had the hope of one day complete the Nativity Scene.

Mini nacimiento


affectioknit said...

Amazing! I want to try that chocolate thing!

randi---i have to say said...

wow! it is great that you make this homemade. very cool!

the sleepy time gal said...

quite the endeavor! amazing.