Healthy habits

I have had a long ugly pain is on the side, thought it was a hernia, they thought it was a bond, they thought it was loose bowel, and they don't seemed to be clear about it, I hate that from the doctors.
Began over a year and sometimes is unbearable, very strong and not fade throughout the day, a couple of days ago suddenly disappeared and I spent like 4 days without pain, nothing. First I was scared, then I enjoyed it.
Now it's back but lighter. What changed?, I'm not sure, but it gets worse with sadness and digestion.
Although it is difficult, I want to improve my health habits, I know it will make a big difference, everyone will have to find their own, but for me this is the most important:

Sleep well and enough.  

I always want to do things at night, I concentrate better and I can continue to run with the same without interruption, but I noticed that my personality is affected and is completely different in periods when I'm sleeping 10 hours each night rather than 7 or less, they are not enough for me.
Not to eat the things that hurt me and keep a consistent schedule.  

In my opinion (informed), no one should not eat dairy, no other animal is taken milk from another species, and is food that is naturally fortified to help growing infants, adults are not growing. But having said that, beyond the level of environmental responsibility who want to take the matter of were your food came, everyone has their own intolerances, and yet sometimes we fall and fall again with this tempting dish, but why?, if we know what comes next. We also all know that what is very processed, fried or refined sugar is bad but these effects are not immediately perceive. And another important point, but difficult to do the same number of meals each day and at the same time, to not have an schedule harms me a lot.
Be quiet

Again, difficult but possible. We must remove from our environment all stressors and then learn to not feel guilty about it, not to I have no formal work, as everyone expects of me, not to see much my family if they dislike me, despise social commitment.

It is easier to be calm, if everything is in order, but it is very difficult to have order if there is too much stuff, we really do not need it , neither our children, so many toys, so much plastic, and it all ends in the trash, at sea, a river, on the banks of the poorest neighborhoods, stuck in the strainer. And it all starts with acquiring or accepting, that is buying or receiving things from others, in this sense I made a resolution that will share soon.
Minewhile the homemade pizza we did today and I will talk about tomorrow.

La pizza

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