Going out

I was afraid to publish last post, I tought I mat loose all my readers, but this is a life path, of learning, and that's it, if no one cames back, too bad.

En la carreta

A friend form Mexico came to visit and so we went sightseeing.


First day we went to the coffee tour of Café Britt, it one of those turistic things that I never do, and are out of budget, but I'm glad we did it because a learn a couple of things about coffee history, life cycle of the plant and about it's preparation. I didn't knew that you should not make coffee with bowling water because then you will extract some cerum from it which can not be digested and may cause stomachache and/or headache.


In the afternoon we went to the movies, for my son's enjoyment.

Bluejeans frog

Second day we try to go to Poás Volcano,  but it was too clouded so we end up in the La Paz Waterfall park, and it was so nice.

We saw butterflies, monkeys, frogs, snakes, hummingbirds and other birds, even jaguars. The waterfalls are pretty too.

Cascada de la Paz

And after that we went to fish a trout under the rain.


The third day we went to the Gold Museum, which was interesting too, and I will recommend it.


¿How is your January? ¿slow, hurry?

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