There's nothing like the satisfaction of eating something good for your body, healthy, made by you, it just produces happiness.

Today we started to make pizza from scratch, we use this precious recipe book that also has songs, stories, instructions for building a oven and important information about the effect bread can have on children. I liked the idea from the book that says: the best way to welcome people in your home is with the smell of fresh bread, and everyone will be comfortable, happy and will feel nurtured.

La pizza casera

Another very important thing is the importance of involving children in the preparation of food, and although I do so often, it's wonderful every time.


It may take longer, but allow us to take a slower pace calm and enjoy and digest better. But the way in which children are involved, see their enthusiasm and pride, and then see how well they eat any vegetables (like eggplant used here) is wonderful, I have not see before my kid eating at such a good speed, without being distracted and left the plate clean.

La pizza

Then he had a streak of happiness, saying a thousand times You have no idea how happy I am, mom. He said that when he grew up he wanted to make pizza for all our friends by himself and then told his grandmother on the phone with pride.

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