Magic kings gift

I'm going to make a Magic Kings Crown bread. I had tried this once, back in 1996, well see if I get good results.


I'm inviting a lot of people from my family, this tradition is celebrated in Mexico, but not in Costa Rica.
This holiday is very interesting, I think, I love it. Not the consumerism on it, which means that kids can ask for toys to the Kings as well to Santa Claus, so there is a crazy shopping until January 5th.

But the Mexican tradition of cutting the king's crown (made of bread and with fruits and sugar symbolizing the jewels) and find the baby Jesus, and that the lucky one has to make the tamales don February 2nd, that I love, even when I'm religious,

So I tought I could make an invitation as an activity with my son, and then, I tough I could share it with every one,  here it is you can download it.


We had fun decorating them.

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