Getting ready for the Magic King's Bread Day

Cacao tostándose
Cacao pelado

We are getting ready for the family visit. Yesterday I toasted, peeled, ground and mold the cacao beans for our hot cocoa, it needs more sugar but I ran out of it, so we need to get out.

Regalo de Reyes

As Magic King's gift my son got a basketball set, it was only a casually, because it was his grand father birthday present, but he had not find it before.

Pantuflitas para el pillo

I made him new sleepers, because the old ones here on the picture are with holes now, but I can't complain, the last a year and I love this style because it adjust to feet shape, making it perfect for growing feet.
The yarn on both is Dolly by Tamm (a Mexican company), which I love because is very cheap, has great quality, and dyes very pretty.
I start them yesterday and finish them today, great quick project details on Ravelry.

I used a yarn that I dyed for the Christmas tree last year, to bad I ran out of green just at the end, but he liked them and they keep his feet warm.

Pantuflitas tejidas Ya con sus esferitas

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