Homescholing, we are going with Calvert

We are so excited about this.

Yesterday we got access to our internet accounts and my son was really happy exploring the activities on line.

We choose Calvert for the ATS, because I don't know how to get a Certificate of Compliance in any other way since we are not U. S. citizens or live there. There is no options for accredited homescholing in Mexico or Costa Rica, so will try this year and see how it works, even when I meant to follow a child oriented education I'm still pretty excited about getting the box with all the material to work.

Here you can see the material por pre-K and K from the Calvert website. I will have to do a lot of translating (we speak Spanish), but I think it will work and I plan to teach him English as we go.

It's really hard to be a pioneer on things, I now that maybe not all extended family are supportive of this choice, but in our countries it's much unusual and weird, so people will confront me and had try to change my mind, still, I'm sure this is the best for my boy and for us as a family, plus we have tons of fun doing it.


Therewas othet options I consider, A Beka, K12, and Epysteme, wich is in Spanish, but I think Calvert will work better for us, we will see.

I'm open to questions, specially for other Latin American families that might be in a similar situation, the Spanish version of this post was much more detailed, you can read it here.

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