These days on the garden

Yes, more about my garden, even when it's a little abandoned and some things were eaten by slugs and ants, there is still thing blooming and that it's just magic for me.
Here you can see some lavender, a big pumpkin, something I don't know what it is but I liked those lilac flowers, a nice butterfly who enjoy the compost pile and my sunflower, have you notice how tall it is?, and I didn't knew it will have more than one flower, I'm already savoring those seeds.

Lavanda entre otras cosas
Calabazota (o Zapallo)CalabazaVe tu a saber qué pero qué bonitas 
flores Mariposa que vino atraída por la 
compostaMi girasolMi girasol

There is also som fava and garabanzo beans still growing.

What about you, there anything still growing in your backyard?

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María Xi said...

Tu huerto está precioso. Esos zapallos maravillosos.

Yo vendo artículos para mamás y bebés de algodón orgánico en la Ecoferia.
Pañales, ropa, portabebés, etc.