Pretty little bags (freebies)


Tho other I ordered a pretty fabric with Matrioskas, Japanese, decorator's weight fabric, lovely. But when it arrived I found out that it had American flags on it, and so I could not think of a proper project for it, as I'm not American myself.


But then I got a couple of orders from my Etsy shop and I got an idea, since my buyers are mostly from there.


I have mention before how much I love freebies, to receive then and give them, so I made a bunch to go along with orders.

Carteritas barras y estrellas

I love them, they close with hook and loop and are kind of addictive, I can't wait to make more!


María Xi said...

Realmente pretty estas bolsitas. Me encantaron los diseños.

S/V Mari Hal-O-Jen said...

What a sweet idea! You're so thoughtful...

La Chili said...

Thank you both.