Yarn along with alpaca

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Calcetinitos de alpaca

This week I was active on knitting but not in the reading front after have finished Freedom, which I loved, but still can't tell exactly why.


I made a pair of sock and mittens with an Alpaca skein I have had for about 3 years, but I don't have the label any more, so I  don't know how much alpaca is on it and if there is any other fiber, but the textures is great and I love the color too. And is so cute to make little things, I hope to post the pattern, which is my own, some day soon.


I had also some old yarn my mom's gave me, it's clearly acrylic, but still, my son needed some sleepers and I already had the soles from 2 years ago, I'm lucky they still fit him, and have a little space to grow into, he loved it, now I just need to make the pair. He loved them, and I feel so good to be able to do something for him among all the work.


And that's it, what about you?


pinkundine said...

Aw, cute slippers :)

I love the look of the alpaca too - I need to make some alpaca socks I think!

Devonmama said...

The slippers look so cosy! I love alpaca too, so snug x

Becks said...

Ooh those slippers look so cosy. I have slipper inserts here, and an Aztec inspired pattern, and a big girl requesting, but still not casting on!
Might be inspired by you though.

Spinneretta said...

I love alpaca- it is so soft and warm :)

Ellen said...

How did you attach the soles to the knitting? Sewing or gluing?

María Xi said...

Me encanta tejer con alpaca. Es tan suave!!!

Saludos cariñosos.

Heather said...

Slippers! What a great idea!

La Chili said...

Than you Pinkundine, Devonmama, Becks, Spinneretta, Ellen and Maria.

I sewed the soles, let's see how long the last.

Wow an Aztec pattern, so cool, I love this book for inspiration http://pepinpress.com/catalogue/view/64